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Vehicle Magnets

Small and large businesses alike can benefit from using vehicle magnets. Vehicle magnets give you the flexibility to affordably turn personal or rented vehicles into advertising opportunities without a long-term commitment, to display the information necessary to access a campus or base, or to meet HOA bylaws that do not allow overnight parking of company vehicles.

River City Advertising’s magnetic signs are made from premium magnetic sheets and vinyl graphics. With a wide variety of customization options, including custom colors and graphics, and various sizes and shapes, magnetic signs can effectively catch the attention of potential new customers anytime you want to advertise while providing all the information you want them to see.

Our sign experts at River City Advertising will help you create the most effective design to promote your brand, whether you’re a real estate agent, a contractor, an insurance company, or more.

Note: Many newer vehicles are being manufactured with aluminum body panels, and since aluminum is non-ferrous, magnets will not stick to these vehicles.


Vehicle Magnets


will vehicle magnets work on my car or truck?

Before ordering magnets for your vehicle, you will want to test the area of your vehicle where you want to install them to ensure that it is in fact magnetic.  More and more vehicles are being made with aluminum or plastic panels to reduce weight and improve fuel economy and as a result magnets will not adhere to them.

Are magnets bad for cars?

No, magnets are not bad for cars.   You must take special care to remove the magnets and clean under them weekly to remove any dirt or water that gets under them or your paint could be damaged.

Do car magnets stay on?

Car magnets are made to go on flat surfaces of cars.  On these surfaces, they typically stay on the vehicle, however, we recommend removing them when traveling at high speeds since the wind can blow them off.

Do magnets stick to car windows?

No, magnetic signs only stick to the steel portions of your truck or car.   They are typically placed on the doors or tailgate of the vehicle.   If you want lettering on your windows, then we can apply the graphics directly to the windows.

how long does it take to produce car or truck magnets?

After artwork approval, most of our magnetic signs are turned around  within 1-2 business days.

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