Product Overview
Exterior Dimensional Lettering and Logos

Promote your company best with dimensional letters and logos from River City Advertising.  Choose from a wide variety of fonts, styles, and materials to achieve your look in 3D.  We CNC route and laser cut dimensional lettering and logos out of plastics, metals, and foam substrates including:

Foams and Plastics

  • Flat cut PVC
  • Flat cut acrylic
  • Formed plastic
  • High density urethane (HDU)


  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel

River City Advertising is also a proud distributor of premium dimensional lettering and other products from Gemini Inc. Let our sign experts can help you make your company stand out.


Exterior Dimensional Lettering and Logos

Engraved Plastic Tags

How is the lettering applied to the wall?

Exterior lettering and logos are typically stud-mounted to the wall or adhered with silicone depending on the job.   Another common mounting solution is raceways. In this case, your letters are mounted to a raceway and that raceway is bolted to the building. Also, dimensional lettering can be mounted to a panel, which is then screwed to the wall. 

Can we paint our letters on the wall?

Yes, a sign can be painted on a wall as well.  We do not offer this service since it makes it hard to maintain should you need to remove it or freshen the paint job up at a later time.

What thickness do demensional letters come in?

The thickness is determined by the size of the letter in many cases.  Most dimensional letters range from 1/8″ thick to 1.5″ thick for individually mounted letters and up to 6″-8″ thick for letters on raceways.  The key to letter thickness is making it proportional to the height.

Can any font be used for wall lettering or logos?

The short answer is yes, however some fonts are better for this type of lettering.  When choosing a font for dimensional lettering, you need to consider readability and durability.  How can fonts be durable?   Fonts with a thicker stroke are less like to be broken.  We’ve had customers who want their logos cut where the details are 1/16″ thick. While we can cut this in our laser, we know that they probably won’t last on the wall or won’t be able to be seen, so we make recommendations to unsure that your sign will give you a good return on your investment in both visibility and durability.

My existing lettering needs some TLC, can you repair it?

Yes!  The great thing about dimensional letters and logos is that they can be refurbished when the outdoor elements wear them down.

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