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Engraved Labels

We engrave plastic labels, electrical tags, phenolic meter tags and ceramic marked stainless steel tags, as well as receptacle and switch plate covers, to help complete your project on time and within budget.   The plastic plates are available in a wide variety of color combinations to meet your requirements.   Email us with a list of the tags you need and we are happy to provide a quote.  When you are ready to place an order, we can accept a credit card and start your order immediately.


Engraved Plastic Labels

Engraved Plastic Electrical Labels
Engraved Plastic Tags

what Material are the plastic labels made of?

Most of our labels are made of a 2-ply acrylic material.   We engrave both interior and exterior grade plastics depending on your job requirements and budget. 

what are the Colors options?

Our engrave stock comes in many 2-color combinations and a few 3-color options for regulatory signs.   Let us know what you need and more than likely we have it.

What Sizes and shapes do you make?

We can make your engraved label any shape that you need it to be up to 16″ x 24″.

How much are Engraved labels?

The price is based on the material that you need, the size, the shape, and the number of lines of text.   Email us your the details for your job and we will email you a price within a few hours.   When you are ready to order, you can give us your credit card number and we will begin production on your order.

how long does it take to produce them?

Many of our plastic engraved tag orders are turned around  within 24 hours.


Engraved Metal Labels

Engraved Stainless Plate
Engraved Stainless Tag

what materials do you make metal labels from?

Most of our engraved metal tags are for electricians or small manufacturers and are marked on Stainless Steel.

what color text can I have?

The text is Black.   We use a ceramic coating that is permanently adhered to the steel using a laser.

What sizes and shapes do you make?

Most of our stainless tags are square/rectangular and cut with a sheer.  We can have circles punched to engrave on with a few extra days lead time.   Our maximum engraving size for metal is 12″ x 24″.

how much are metal labels

Metal labels are priced by the laser time required and square inches of material required.   Please email us your specifics and we’ll email a price back to you within a few hours during our normal business hours.

how long does ot take to produce them?

Stainless tags have a normal turnaround time of 1-2 weeks depending on the quantity and size of the labels.

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