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Aluminum Signs

River City Advertising creates quality aluminum signage that will wow your customers and enhance your image. Whether you need custom street signs for your residential community or subdivision, no trespassing signs for your construction site, real estate signs for your properties, or a business sign for your company, we can manufacture it for you. Made of durable, weather resistant aluminum and composite aluminum, our signs will last for years to come.

Aluminum and composite aluminum signs can be cut into many shapes and sizes and can display your message in a variety of colors, graphics, and fonts. Due to the lightweight yet durable nature of aluminum, there are numerous ways to mount your sign including hooks, screws, rope, posts, zip ties, and more. Aluminum signs can be pre-drilled for mounting during manufacturing, or it is easy enough to drill on your own with a metal drill bit.

Feel free to browse our site to get inspiration and start designing your next sign in our online design software. River City Advertising’s sign experts are available to answer any questions you may have.


Aluminum Signs


how are aluminum signs made?

Most aluminum signs are made by cutting the aluminum shape and then either painting the sign blank or applying cut vinyl sheeting and then applying vinyl text/graphics on top of this layer.   Aluminum signs are also made by combining the two steps into one where the text/graphics are printed to make a decal that is the size of the aluminum blank and then applied in one large piece.   

Will aluminum rust?

Aluminum cannot rust. This is because rust is iron oxide, and aluminum has no iron in its composition. However, aluminum does oxidize, but it actually protects the underlying unoxidized aluminum.

how do you stop aluminum oxidization?

Clear coating, painting, or sheeting involves the application of a protective layer over the surface of the aluminum.  Once the protective coating is applied, the aluminum itself is not exposed to the environment, thus protecting it from corrosion.

what sizes do aluminum signs come in?

We make our aluminum signs in many sizes.  We can also make them almost any shape using our CNC Router. 

Are road signs aluminum?

While early signs were made of wood and stone, and eventually steel, the standard material in use today throughout our country is aluminum. Today, high performance reflective materials are used when manufacturing these signs to ensure that they can be read at night.

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