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Real Estate Signs

Your property will stand out when you let River City Advertising take your professional image and brand to the next level. Promote your properties with high-quality signs that you can customize to your needs. A variety of sign types are available for you to choose which sign works best at each individual property.


The following sign types are commonly used in the real estate field:

Post and Panel

Commonly used for commercial real estate and available in a variety of durable materials, post and panel signs are a versatile solution to advertising your commercial property.

Our sign experts will assist you with the sign design and installation location that best serves your needs.

Common mount styles include:

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided
  • V-shape
  • Fence mounted


Material options include:

  • Composite Aluminum
  • MDO (plywood)
  • Corrugated plastic sign board (coroplast)
  • PVC

Vinyl Banner

Commonly used for commercial real estate, vinyl banners are an affordable and flexible method for advertising your company and property.

Customized designs allow you to include relevant information in a variety of colors, fonts, and graphics, and can include your logo.

Yard signs

Commonly used for residential real estate, yard signs (also known as bandit signs) are highly effective, budget-friendly, portable signs that can be used many times in different locations.

They are generally made from 18”x24” coroplast or aluminum and are mounted on a variety of lightweight yet durable frames that come in various size configurations.



Real Estate Signs

what size posts do I need for my commerciAl real estate sign?

 We recommend 4x4x8′ posts for all sign panels that are less than 48″ tall and 4x4x10′ posts for sign panels that are 48″ or taller. 

do you sell posts if i want to install the sign myself?

Yes!  We typically paint the posts that we sell either black or white.  Since the posts are pressure-treated, we recommend installing the sign on black posts, because the pressure treating will bleed through the white paint for the first few months that it is installed as the post dries out.

How deep should I install my sign posts?

We recommend installing the posts about 30″ deep.  This is about the deepest that a set of post hole diggers from your local big box store will dig without enlarging the holes considerably.

What is the standard size of a commercial real estate sign?

Due to local ordinances in Jacksonville, FL, most of our customers install either 4’x4′ or 4’x6′ for lease/for sale/available signs and 4’x8′ construction signs.   

What should I put on my Commercial real estate sign?

We recommend a few simple words and your phone number since most of these signs are located on busy, fast roads where the average driver only sees the sign for a few seconds.  Most Individuals put FOR SALE or FOR LEASE and their phone number and real estate agents also include the name of their company and their name.  We use our wide format printer when making these signs, so there is no additional cost for extra colors or text.



Real Estate Signs

Engraved Stainless Tag
Engraved Stainless Tag

What size frame do I need for a residential real estate sign?

Most residential real estate signs are 18″x24″.  This is typically the maximum size allowed on a residential property, however, some areas allow for a 6″ x 24″ rider as well, so there are frames available to hold a rider as well.  Additionally, HOAs may have specific requirements.

What material are residential real estate signs made of?

Real estate signs can be made from a variety of materials depending on how they are to be mounted and the length of time it is expected the sign will need to be up.  If you are placing the sign in a black iron frame, then you would want an aluminum sign.   If you have wire frames, then you need a corrugated plastic sign so that the frame can slide into the flutes of the corrugated sign.  If you have a frame where the sign hangs, some of the frames are made for an aluminum sign and others hold a thicker wood or PVC sign.

which wire frames do I need for my open house sign?

Wire frames come in several different sizes and thicknesses.  We highly recommend that this type of sign not be installed on an economy frames, because they are very flimsy and make the sign hard to read.  The heavy duty frames are a great solution for these signs since you will be pulling the sign after the open house and reusing the frame.

What is a rider sign?

sign rider is a smaller sign that accompanies a larger sign in a real estate frame. Typically, a rider to accompany an 18″x24″ sign measures 6″ x 24″.  Sign riders are usually placed either below or above (or both) the larger sign and highlight features of the property.

how long does to take to produce real estate signs?

After artwork approval is received, it takes 1-2 business days to make your real estate sign.

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