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Directional and Wayfinding Signs

With River City Advertising, customizing your wayfinding and directional signs is easy!  You can allows you to create functional and effective signs that make it easier for your clients, vendors, and employees to find locations throughout your business. We offer a wide variety of design options and durable materials.

Many businesses are required to abide by fire rescue codes, including displaying evacuation maps and apartment site maps around your property and building. Work with River City Advertising’s sign experts for clear, effective, and functional directional signage.


Directional and Wayfinding Signs


what does wayfinding mean?

Wayfinding refers to information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. They help people develop “mental maps” of the terrain and simplify their routes to the extent possible.

should wayfinding signs use symbols?

Wayfinding signs use both symbols and text to clearly illustrate and explain a path to find your way to your destination. Symbols relay messages without the use of words, which often time speak universally and reduces text used to make the sign clean and legible.

What are directional signs?

Directional signs are signs indicating entrances and exits, including those for parking lots and garages. Directional signs give directional information about goods and services of interest to the public.

How deep should a sign post be?

While many sign posts are about 24 inches deep, if you have a large sign, we suggest that you dig down at least 36 inches. if you are in an area where you get freezing temperatures, the frost line of your area plays a role into how deep you should dig, and as a general rule of thumb, we suggest that you dig at least 3-4 inches below your areas frost line.

are directional signs reflective?

It depends where you are placing the sign, who will be using the sign, and the time of day when the sign is being viewed.  Most times, reflective sheeting is used for traffic control signs.  It is typically unnecessary to use reflective sheeting for interior directional and wayfinding signs.

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