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Floor Graphics

Fully customizable to your needs, and easy and economical to install, remove and replace when you are ready for a change, floor graphics allow you to use your floor space as an advertising opportunity or even to direct your client to products throughout your store. Great for conventions, trade shows, grocery stores, restaurants, and events, floor graphics from River City Advertising are made to stand up to general wear and tear from foot traffic. Floor decals are slip resistant to keep your staff and clients safe.

Whether you want a simple arrow pointing to your checkout line, footprints to show appropriate social distancing, or a full print with an ad for a new product, River City Advertising’s sign experts can make your vision a reality.


Floor Graphics


How long do floor decals last??

Two (2) years is the typical lifespan of a floor decal, however, the amount of traffic that you have walking on them will impact the life of the decal.  The decals are water proof, so you don’t need to worry about them being damaged by wet shoes and they have a non-skid laminate applied to them to help prevent slip and falls.

How do you install floor decals?

Since floor decals are thicker than a normal sticker, they are very easy to install.  You determine where you want them installed and put a piece of tape on the decal to keep it from moving from the proper alignment, then you remove the backing paper on the decal and squeegee it down to the floor.   We provide detailed instructions for any order where the customer decides to install the decal themselves.

Are floor decals permanent?

Floor decals are printed on vinyl that has a removable adhesive so that you can remove them when you no longer need them.   The decals have a specific lifespan depending on the material that they are printed on; you will want to remove them within this lifespan to ensure that they don’t permanently bond to your floor which would require a extra time to remove them.

Can you reuse a floor decal?

While most decals can be removed in one piece and will most likely still be sticky, we don’t recommend reusing them.  They are not meant to be reused and may not remain stuck to the floor after a second application.

what surfaces can floor decals be applied to?

Floor decals can be applied to most smooth surfaces.  We can also print them on materials that work well on short nap carpets.   Floor decals are specific to the type of flooring that they are being applied to so reach out to us with your needs and we’ll match the material to your application.

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