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Monument Signs

River City Advertising is the place to go for your monument sign. Whether you need a monument sign for your company, a residential community, or a business park, we can help your vision become a reality. With high visibility, visitors and potential customers will be able to easily find you.

We understand the need to have an entry sign which compliments your property and represents your brand. Our sign experts at River City Advertising will assist you with the design and installation location to best serve your needs. As a licensed sign contractor in Duval, St. Johns, and Clay counties, we offer sign permitting services for entry signs.


Monument Signs


Do monument signs require permits?

Yes, monument signs require a sign permit so that the muncipality can confirm that the size and installation method complies with your property zoning.

what options do I have for size and shape?

We can make nearly any shape monument sign and the size can be as big or small as you’d like, as long as it complies with the restrictions for your zoning and other applicable state code.

How are monument signs installed?

Most of the monument signs that we make have two support poles that are set in concrete footings to ensure that they meet hurricane wind loads.

How long does it take to get a monument sign?

We normally tell customers to expect it to take 30-60 days for a monument sign.  We always apply for the sign permits first and then once approved, start the fabrication on the sign.  Many signs require structural engineering to be completed as well before the permits will be issued and all of these take time and must be done sequentially and not concurrently.

What is a monument sign?

Simply put, it is a sign that goes all the way to the ground and that you cannot see under like you can a post and panel sign.  Many neighborhoods who were originally permitted to have post and panel signs are now required to have monument signs when they update their signage due to stricter city requirements to improve the aesthetics of the city.

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