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Post and panel signs primarily serve the purpose of informing or advertising to the public and can be built in a variety of sizes. While they can be temporary for projects such as construction sites or real estate signs, they can also be used as permanent business signs and have the option of being set in concrete. They are often located in front of businesses or shopping centers.

River City Advertising can build your post and panel signs from a variety of durable materials including composite aluminum, wood, MDO (plywood), PVC, and high-density urethane (HDU). We can create your design using sandblasting, engraving, routing, and digital printing techniques. We can incorporate dimensional lettering, and then finish with paint and even gold-leaf accents.

Our sign experts at River City Advertising will assist you with the design and installation location to best serve your needs. As a licensed sign contractor in Duval, St. Johns, and Clay counties, we offer sign permitting services for permanent signage.


Post and Panel Signs


How quickly can you make a post and panel sign for me?

Once the design is approved and we have received your deposit, we can have your post and panel sign ready to pick up in as little as two business days, however, some signs such as sandblasted or routed signs take longer to produce. 

Are post and panel signs reflective?

Not by default.  We can make them reflective upon request.

Will a full color post and panel sign cost me more?

No, all of our post and panel signs made out of aluminum, PVC, or MDO are printed in full color on our wide format printer.   Sandblasted and Routed post and panel signs are hand painted in the colors that you desire.  If you have elements that cannot be hand painted, we can apply a digital print to that area of the sign.

What is the minimum quantity of post and panel signs I have to order?

One sign.  We don’t have a minimum order for post and panel signs, however, if you order multiple signs of the same design, such as commercial real estate signs, we do offer volume discounts.

what size posts do I need for my post and panel sign?

Most post and panel signs are installed on an aluminum posts (either square tube or round fluted)  or on 4″x4″ pressure-treated wood posts. We always recommend a minimum of a 4″x4″ on the pressure treated wood post.    If your panel is 4′ tall or taller, we recommend placing it on 10′ posts and for signs where the panel is less than 4′ tall, 8′ posts.  Some smaller signs require shorter posts yet.  

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