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Whether you need a memorial plaque to remember the founder of your charity, a dedication plaque to show gratitude to your church’s volunteers, or a donor plaque to honor contributors for a brand-new playground, River City Advertising can provide you with a high-quality product that lasts. Plaques generally celebrate the people who contributed to an organization or project, are a way of saying thanks and are also commonly used to identify landmarks.

Our plaques are made from durable materials including granite, bronze, PVC, high density urethane (HDU), acrylic, wood, and aluminum and can be customized to include words and graphics. Whatever your institution needs, River City Advertising’s sign experts are ready to help you turn your vision into a reality.




what Material are plaques made of?

Plaques are traditionally cast out of bronze.  They can also be made of marble and other metals and plastics.   The material is determined by location, use, and budget.

how do you mount a plaque?

Plaques are normally mounted to a wall with studs and epoxy or mortar depending on the material that they are made and can also be mounted on posts if there is no ideal wall to place the plaque on.

What Sizes and shapes do you make?

We can make your plaque any size that you require.  Plaques are traditionally rectangular, however, they can be made in other shapes as well.

Can metal plaques be made in color?

Yes! we have the ability to make color plaques and can also add a photograph to the plaque.

What is the life Expectancy of a BRONZE plaque?

Bronze plaques are designed to last for generations.  Our Bronze plaques are made by Gemini Corporation and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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